Aug 28, 2008

Wisdom from across the Atlantic.

Barack Obama's running mate offers words of wisdom.

"Terror is a tactic," Joe Biden says. "Terror is not a philosophy."

Gwynne Dyer adds that it is a mantra that everybody in US politics should be required to chant each morning before work, even if it is slightly inaccurate. Terror is actually an emotion. Terrorism however is a tactic - a political tool or technique, more precisely - that can be used in support of a variety of causes. It is as misleading to declare war on terrorism as it would be declare war on propaganda.


Anonymous said...

"Terror is actually an emotion. Terrorism however is a tactic..."

Now this got me thinking.

Majaz said...

It does, doesn't it.

This line actually is what made me want to blog about it.

Mampi said...

Someone said today, "Beware of Obama Bin Biden" - hehehe. Just a quote that came to my mind.

Majaz said...

Sigh, I hope it isn't as bad as that.