Aug 1, 2008

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

Darker, surlier and creepier. Goodbye, Chris Columbus, I will not miss you!

Hello, David Yates! Bring on the ugly childhood, traumatic memories of the past, the boy who lived and the boy who grew up to be You-Know-Who.

And of course. The Boy Who Grew Up to be the Half Blood Prince.

Fans, enjoy. Non-fans, make an exception and anticipate this one. I guarantee you this will be worth the wait.

November 21, 2008.

T minus 113 days.


Nameless Nomad said...

Crybaby Potter and the rest of his whining gang irritate me highly. And so do hoards of these mindless fans who queue around for 4 miles to get that book and contribute billions to the wealth of devil incarnate Rowling. Its funny her lawyers squeeze every drop of blood for people in the name of copyright and what not..

Anyway I mean other fans Majaz not you. You are lovely! :p

Whats the latest scoop on Bollywood? Anything I should be aware of ?

Majaz said...

Potter and Rowling irritate you yet you ask me about latest scoop on Bollywood? Tell me if that's just not another brand of South Asian hypocrisy. :P

Lemme guess. You're new to capitalism?

I've posted a review of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane na. Which don't impress me much.

Nameless Nomad said...

Oh c'mon Majaz. Certainly you are not suggesting Bollywood is as bad as Harry Potter! hehe
Well, at least Bollywood accepts and knows that it is ridiculous and unlike aunty Rowling and the Potter franchise doesn't pretend otherwise.

There is capitalism and there is greed. Although both go hand in hand there is a "some" limit to greed. No such limit exists for aunty Rowling though :) Perhaps you might not know about what scandals/episodes I'm talking about.

Anyway not that I'm losing sleep over these things or particularly care abt what others think lol but I'm a touch disappointed though. You are my hottest source of Bollywood gossip and all you can tell me after all these months is abt some Jaane Tu aur something na. I expected a long list of dos and donts Anyhow, I'll have to entertain myself with Batman or something this week then.

You seem to be in good spirits. Take care.

Majaz said...

Bollywood trumps Harry Potter in fantasy land every day. And if you dare compare a book .. a BOOK ... to Bollywood's singing, dancing, sobbing, makeupping, lighting, thumakeing, I will personally ensure eternal damnation!

Mr. Nameless, you are really defending Bollywood for no reason here. I love Indian cinema because I've grown up with it. I would've probably loved Zu Warriors from Magic Mountain if I'd grown up with those too. Doesn't make it justified for excellence or standard.

I know about the episodes you've mentioned. Rowling's been accused of cheating off some other dame's ideas as well as being one of the richest people in the world etc. Rowling was safely and logically acquitted from teh first blame and has clarified the second one on her official site.

Bollywood is trying its best to disappoint me. For one thing, they won't shorten the length of the movies. 3 hours is hell of a lot of time for anyone today. I'll be posting reviews on De Taali and Sarkar Raj, and trust me they'll be brushed along the same lines.

I am in good spirits, finally. It was long overdue.

Stay tuned and don't ever ever ever EVER compare Rowling to Kunal Kohli or Avada Kedavra.

Anonymous said...

Young Voldy looks quite creepy. Specially in the first shot of him.

Nameless Nomad said...

First of all I'm delighted that I get you into good spirits. I thought should have been a job for other people ;)

Now.. Before you start jumping again, please read back my comment. I clearly mention the Harry Potter franchise and Aunty Rowling - not just a book. No those were not the episodes I was talking about. It was more regarding Rowling's blood sucking antics and dismantling of poor authors and blocking their paths. Anyhow..

Surely one man fighting 15 people doesn't come anywhere NEAR the STUPIDITY and RIDICULOUSNESS of children with magical powers and flying animals! You must be joking ! (Notice the use of bold letters, I know you love them :) )

Anyway, please don't give me Bollywood films are too long excuse. Were you born yesterday? They have always been long. And if its any solace these days many Hollywood films are LONGER.

Anyway, see you in a few months and I hope I get some good scoops and not excuses :P

Barooq said...

What a waste of space.
Few debates could boast of such futility.

Majaz said...


Young Voldie's supposed to look creepy. The little kid actually was a magic version of Vito Corleone. Snatching kiddie trinkets and bossing people around.


I couldn't let Harry go undefended like that!


Yes I love capital letters. More than italics.

Once again you turn out to be quite the epitome of self-obsession and the male ego. YOU put me in good spirits? Were you born day before yesterday, good man? Whatever made you think I need a nameless commenter to do that? So far you haven't done anything to put me in good spirits at all, taking jacks at one of my favorite fictional characters. If you'll make me grin, I'll tell you.

I don't mind you having a difference of opinion though, and even though Barooq thinks this debate is a waste of space, I am taking the opportunity to remind you that if you have a problem with the concept of a franchise, you should start calling yourself Nameless Gandhi and quit McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Adidas too while you're at it.

You have a problem with Potter for the franchise? Dude, the woman made kids READ again. All Bollywood does is make people dream that love means to prance in the rain and warble in pain.