Aug 16, 2008

I hate insomnia.

I hate staying up the night.

I hate not being able to sleep.

I hate this helplessness that makes me stare at the walls like some sort of crazy schizophrenic.

Is it odd that there are parts of Septimus that I can relate myself to?

I hate this helplessness it is driving me nuts.

I finished movies, began reading, watched television for hours on end and still couldn't sleep. I spent the entire day sleeping and the entire night staying up. And the worst part is even when stay up during the day I cannot sleep for more than three hours during the night.

I'm having the craziest nightmares. Or daymares, anyway. I relived every awful memory of the past few months.

I thought dreams were a way to ... disguise your anxieties ... not show em exactly as what you are afraid of.

Exactly what you are trying to forget in the first place..

I hate insomnia. I hate it. I'm going nuts.

Everyone has been sleeping - Exploding Dog.


Mampi said...

Hadd Ho gayee, I was suffering the same way last nite. Hence the non-recycling of stuff in my brain.

Majaz said...

How'd you get past it then?

Unknown said...

i can relate.
at night every single mistake we've ever made seems to play itself again in our head in the widescreen edition.

Majaz said...

Oh if that be it... I had a 3D Dark Knight version of my life in cinemascope.

Hufsa said...

*sighs* Must be awful.. I've had those moments when the horrid mistakes and moments of my life have been repeated before me in my head. Awful, awful feeling. :(
I don't think there was ever a time I stayed up the entire night due to insomnia though. I just kept praying and repeating the First Kalimah..and I dozed off eventually :) [But the night was restless]
Hope you get some rest and sleep soon! xox

Majaz said...

Aaah. Dozing off eventually.