Aug 20, 2008

From a Gollum within.

You know how that bumper sticker on FB goes: I had a life but facebook ate it?

Well mine is officially devoured.

Thanks to my friend R, who'd been trying to get me hooked for ages (oh had I but known what a precious addiction was waiting for me all along), I am now completely and totally useless.

Welcome to Scrabulous. If you are a language enthusiast or simply competitive or even borderline obsessive compulsive, you will forget all your sorrows on this board.

Bid me farewell, o' sad, pathetic world. I have found a well to drown in.


Mampi said...

well i m yet to be spoiled by the affliction.
btw saw your pics last nite on facebook.
girl you can give aishwarya rai a run for her money any day, why dont you.
you are an absolute stunner,
B is so so so lucky.

Majaz said...

Please spoil yourself!!! I'm begging you, beseeching you it's worth it!

Ashwerya Rai!! Mampi, my head will grow bigger and bigger simply thinking about the consideration that went behind the compliment!

Barooq said...

yes B is :P

Mampi said...

sach ae yaar.
abhi toh i with-held many compliments.

Majaz said...

Mampi!! Let em all out!

B is listening!! :P

Barooq said...

see i dont need to compliment:P
a lot of people do :D
i dont want to sound redundant
stop telling me i am not romantic :P

Majaz said...

Barooq, yours mean more than any compliments whatsoever!! :(

Anonymous said...

Now this reminds me of Tetris.

Majaz said...

I loved that game!!!

Unknown said...

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Majaz said...

No scam, only spam.