Aug 12, 2008

Medha Ishq.

Gandhiyan, median khool na mahi....
hin te gayen aan see see gandhiyan
My love, open my knots for me
these hundereds of knot i am tied in

Atak jhatak wak ankhiyan aryan
ate pe giyan yaanm khiirriyan gandhiyan
My eyes are fixated towards atak jhtak
and here I have these knots which cant be untied

Akhii rro roo matam karan nit yaad aawan tediaan gandiyan
yar fareed oo soohgan hoowayan jera naal mahi de gandiyan
My eyes mourn whenever I remember your knots my love
Yar fareed, those who are tied in knots with there love, only those become sohagan


Mampi said...

Beautiful... Which state does it come from?

Majaz said...

State? You mean what state of Punjab? I would happen to have no idea.. I'll let you know though :)

The song is Medha Ishq by Pathanay Khan. Give it a hear.

Anonymous said...

That's it, I am not reading your blog from work now. You made me hum Meda Ishq in my tooti phooti Siraiki, and thank God nobody else has arrived yet.

By the way, if I am correct, then the opening lines that you posted of the song are not part of the original Meda Ishq, right? Though they also seem to be written by Khwaja Farid as well. Any idea which poem are these from?

Majaz said...

Saadat, I have no clue about the exact poetic piece it is taken from but it's the beginning of the Pathanay Khan version. I'll try finding out about the piece. From the same person who translated them for me.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have the complete Meda Ishq that I found here (pages 200 -- 203) a long time ago. And I guess "Gandhiyan, median khool na mahi..." is also there somewhere; the problem is that that website does not provide any useful index, and since they have images instead of text, one can't search within the website through Google either.

But sure, do let us know if you are able to find out.

Majaz said...

Yar it is too long!! Mujh se poora nahee parha jaraha. And I really don't have any clue about where it is from.

Sorry. :/

Anonymous said...

It's all right. I don't really know much Saraiki anyway to understand the poem if it's found!