Aug 4, 2008

"Kismat Konnection"

Aziz Mirza is a Bollywood asset. His movies are always on a different parallel compared to the rest of the mindless plots-with-dance-numbers. "Yes Boss", "Raju Ban Gya Gentleman" "Chalte Chalte" etc have been memorable movies indeed. Though Kismat Konnection lacks the same elements the aforementioned movies, being far too bubbly and a little cheesy for the likes of an increasingly cynical audience of the day, it still proves to be a good watch. Two point five hours still is a lot longer than necessary in my book to see Shahid Kapoor struggling with fate, but hey. At least the good part is, I don't have to see mindless life-and-death dialogs between the guy and the girl and Imran Hashmi smashing glass so he can steal the ring his latest crush wants. Blakh thoo.

It's hard for me to ever like Vidhya Balan. She seems to be trying for the whole Kajol-naturale, which I'm afraid is just not cutting through. Amongst all the actresses I do see right now, Rani Mukherjee tops my list. I don't quite project whether Rani would've been a better choice for "Priya" (honestly, why does it always have to be Priya and Raj Malhotra?) in particular, but I definitely feel some other actress could've done a better job. Even Kareena Kapoor - but whoops. That's a definite faux pas.

Shahid Kapoor is a natural. Especially when he's being the regular guy who can throw fits when he's angry. People need to understand even heroes have temper issues. Unlike Shah Rukh Khan who can always manage to grin soppily or give an emotional speech when it's time for due irritation.

All in all, definitely something you could watch over the weekend, even with all the needless hip-hop beats and the happy-ever-after ending.


Mampi said...

opinion accepted.

Majaz said...

lol, gracias!

Hufsa said...

Yup, it really was a good watch! And lol, I agree with what you wrote!