Apr 20, 2008

"The Wizard of Oz"

Timeless classics are tough to beat - but topping this particular tale is impossible.

Still ringing true to so many media-infested youngsters of the day (including myself) the tale of Dorothy Gale and her three unusual friends still captures audiences young and old. The magic is still bewitching after numerous decades and kids today, who have been bombarded with so many advanced graphics it's just laugh-out-loud funny, are still enraptured by her tale.

With melodies that continue to resound and characters that are played and replayed in people's lives and hearts to this day, The Wizard of Oz truly fits the title of being a timeless classic, a fairy tale epic and a developmental psychologist's dream all in one.

From the background score to the animation to the dialog, everything is just remarkable, just beautiful. After all these years ... this film still makes you sing songs from the "Lollypop Guild" ... try to find your own "Yellow Brick Road" ... wish for ruby slippers that shine and blink and glitter and have the power to send you to home ... have an all-wise wizard answer all your questions (to be disillusioned later) ... thus ... it still makes you believe in a world over the rainbow.

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