Apr 15, 2008


Ye hai Karachi.

We have big roads and big skies.

Short mattarways and an even shorter electric supply.

Jam packed traffic.

And rare moments of peace.

No second, no breath wasted.

We're all in fast pursuit.

Gradual dilapidation.

And an appetite for more.

This isn't a city.

It's a soul.


Nameless Nomad said...

Nice! Very well put. The term "melting pot" is thrown about a lot these days but it really does apply in the case of Karachi. I think its greatest asset are still its people!

These days though the city that saddens me the most is unfortunately also Karachi..

p.s. did you blur one of those pictures on purpose :)

Esfand` said...

miss Karachi :(

nice pictures n good coverage :D

Majaz said...

@ NN.

It was nature that was on my side. We were speeding (if you can call my mom's driving that :P) and the kachra was just too much too ignore.. sigh.

@ Esfand:

Good coverage? These pictures are really amateurish. :S