Apr 16, 2008

Respect schmspect.

It was surreal.

The same chubby girl grinning ever-so nicely at me. The over-achiever sitting up straight in the first row. The back-benchers, looking as bored as always, only giggling when the scruffy jock next to them cracked a goofy joke about heaven-knows-what and creates that twitter in the class which completely pisses me off and I snap-question them back into the class. (HAH.) Then there's the notorious but studious feudal lord's son, once again, sitting with the prettiest chick in class, with the best cell phone. The pretty 19-year-old happens to be so porcelain-perfect, it makes me feel, after taking back to back classes from 9-3, like I'm Kurt Cobain on Halloween.

But who are we kidding. Who do we think we are fooling.

These people don't remember pedagogues. They remember disco numbers. That too, only half the time, if they're remixed by Atif Aslam often enough. Teachers find it easy to let go than to create impressions. If they want to create impressions, they want to make favorable ones, not compromising upon people liking them. But indeed - compromising upon the standard and the attitude they bear with students.

I wondered if it was worth it. How would I want to be remembered? Would I be remembered? Would I rather choose memory over learning?

The choice was hard yesterday, but something made it easier. A lot easier.

Something that said tons about how students are discarding what remained credible about education itself. I've been on both sides of the fence, so I won't appreciate any jackass telling me what that is or is not like.

Kher. On a lighter note. I heart iGoogle. The thing's a modern day wonder to the Google addict.

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