Apr 19, 2008

Hufsa's Dedication.

I feel suddenly understood and flattered at the same time. This is my niece's current wall post to me on Facebook.

The Book is called, "Crow Lake - By Mary Lawson"
Lawson is a relative of L.M.Montgomery.

Anyways, generally the book is very good, I'm not done it yet (it's a Class-Reading Novel) but I plan to finish it this weekend.
But yes, so far it's really quite good. And in one part.. while reading today, I came across a passage which instantly made me think "MAHWASH APPA"!

This is the passage:
"The marking of Lab reports is one of the most depressing activities known to man"
... "Why do kids come to university if they aren't interested in learning?"
"I turned back to the reports. One or two showed some effort at accuracy, some awareness of scientific method. Half a dozen were so depressing that I had to restrain myself from writing "drop the course" at the bottom."

As soon as I read those lines they totally reminded me of you!


Hufsa said...

Thanks for the dedication post! Very sweet of you :)
It's really a good book, I recommend you to read it :)

Majaz said...

No problem at all! :) Very sweet of you to think of me while reading it!