Apr 16, 2008

Excuse me?

I must, must, must quote Hira S. today. Words of wisdom.

M: Why is it that you can't expect to have a decent conversation with a human being without leading them to think that you're the heroine they've always dreamed of?
H: Every time you talk to a guy thinking that you're just chit-chatting ... they start hearing wedding bells.
M: Really?!?! Where was I when they were distributing these pamphlets?
H: YOU think it's random meaningless chit chat. Their first thought is: "She talked to me. She must like me."
M: (consternated)
H: Second thought: "When can I talk to her again?"
M: (shock ensues)
H: Third thought: "Apne amma abba ko is ke ghar kab bhejoon?"

.... and to think.

To think.

All this time. Wedding plans are made before they can even realize that we're already contemplating the million things we're going to do after this conversation is over.

Fascinating. Mars is one f*cked up planet.


Nameless Nomad said...

LOL! Sigh, Women! Venus is so full of itself at times :P

As a member of the opposite sex I'd be the first to admit that there IS an element of truth in it. However, is it applicable to the modern times? Umm.. don't think so. Couple of decades earlier maybe that's exactly how men thought but not now really. Of course, it all depends on how they grew up as well.. They could never have had a proper conversation with any other woman but their sister until they reached 25 lol (i'm sure such men do exist in our vast lands) The following scenario is more likely now:

First thought: She talks to me and I get a vibe from her. Maybe she likes me.

Second thought: She seems quite intelligent and I do like her. But is that enough for me?

Third thought: Oh, look. There goes another one. God she's hot!!

lol.. Trust me.

Majaz said...

The 'amma-abba-ko-ghar-bhejoon' is actually meant rhetorically ... but it is true that guys really can venture into far off lands even at the slightest hint of normal conversation.

You'd have to agree, come on! :)

Such men exist amply in our vast lands. They've only admired and slobbered at women from afar - yet I must impress upon the evidence of weirdos who have had plenty of day-to-day interaction with people of the opposite sex ... yet cannot handle a woman being courteous for too long. "She must totally DIG me, man!" ... even if she's just being polite.

I swear I'm so sticking to the 'back-off-weirdos' philosophy from now on. I've had it with these psycho-socially-repressed mutations of nature.

Nameless Nomad said...

I can see where you are coming from. There are *scores* of men out there who think they are God's gift to women. And everytime a girl as much as say "Hello" to them she must have done it because she is head over heels.. Such ding-bats amuse me infinitely! :)

btw, Men are from Mars is not always a correct assumption. I, for instance, was born in the Cloud City, planet Coruscant. Had to fly 4000 light years to be here. Go figure! :)

Majaz said...

To quote Chandler Bing.

"Male headquarters would kill you for telling that."

And 4000 years or not. You're probably just as deluded if a pretty-enough girl came and said hi. ADMIT IT!


Nameless Nomad said...

Nah! I have no such misconceptions about me. Also, pretty young things usually get pretty boring pretty fast! :) So I have little interest in them.

Well.. unless they are extreeemly pretty :D I wouldn't say no to Angelina Jolie now would I? :P Enough about me anyway..

Something just occurred to me. I think they will still be showing reruns of Friends in the year 2900 A.D. hehe

Majaz said...

You sure don't set your target too low. Angelina Jolie, indeed.

Do I detect megalomania or just a peek inside hyper-reality?

Nameless Nomad said...

No, I suffer from no such illnesses :)
I was just trying to illustrate that a person can stay true to his principles, but under "extreme" circumstances he might succumb. You can substitute Angelina Jolie with any "extremely good looking" girl you know. By suggesting her name I am just giving you a point of reference.

As a matter of fact I have absolutely no criteria with which to define a girl I would like. She could be a combination of a lot wonderful things together (including being pretty)or none of those. The only thing that would matter is me really liking her and caring about her and vice versa! Period.

Majaz said...

Hit a nerve there, did I ?


Nameless Nomad said...

You really don't sleep much do you? lol

No, you didn't. In fact I'm really enjoying this discussion where we get to talk about my favourite topic - ME. lol

No seriously, I'm loving this. I'm sure this men/women discussion will raise its head again many times.. Its a never ending debate. hehe

Majaz said...

And neither do you, apparently. Nor do you seem to be putting yourself into some productive activity of some sort ... since you've got ample time to comment on a blog like mine! :P

Go build a No-Man's Nomad-land where you and all the Martians can live happily ever after.

I'll keep my Martian to myself though.

Yes, I will.

Nameless Nomad said...

For once, you are right. I must be really bored to be writing so many comments here. Anyhow this is the last week of boredom.. soon it will become rare activity hehe
Everybody gets to keep their Martian don't worry. Feeling a bit insecure are we? :D
Ok, enough of this. Continue some other time in future. Later..

Majaz said...

Flattered as I am of your dedication of boredom to this blog, I gotta say you're playing smart, not hard. Which is great in today's world.

As for insecurity, that made me laugh.

Nameless Nomad said...


Good that it made you laugh. That was precisely the intention (nothing malicious)

About playing smart, hard etc. You give me too much credit Miss :)

Ok, I think I might have annoyed you, although that wasn’t my intention. Your blog isn’t the only object of my affection, I read and comment on numerous others too. But yes, I have been writing a lot of comments here partly because they felt more like conversation than comments and it was good to talk to an intelligent being on the other side of it (you’d be surprised how rare that is). But I must admit that it was one too many comments and partly because for the last week or so I’ve been trapped in this in-the-middle-nowhere-boring-brain-dead city where all I could do for entertainment was blog-hop and spend all my time on the laptop. (not that any of that is your interests you) I’m back to base now and all is well again lol Also, I admit that what I write sometimes is difficult to make head or tail of or could be easily misconstrued and for that I am sorry.

Anyhow this is hopefully the last of these inane comments and I hope you are not too annoyed, aggrieved, mad etc. Once again I apologize. Later..

Majaz said...

I don't know what made you think I'm annoyed ... it can take a lot to do that. My threshold can be a little low when I've been having a rough day, but it doesn't go to hell right after reading a couple of comments from random unknown people who read something on my blog, a public forum. Things I write here are meant to be read. I don't reserve my annoyance for these things ... unless they're really really really inane.

Hope you get out your brain-dead city and keep blog-hopping. After "Geo" this is the only entertainment left virtually free.