Apr 16, 2008

"Tara Rum Pum".

Now this is the kind of feel-good movie that can be tolerated - even with loopholes!

After watching it, I realized one thing though. "Race" and "Tara Rum Pum" should have been named vice versa. :)

A heartwarming film about the 'best, best, best racer in the world', Ranvir Singh and his family: his wife, Radhika and his two kids, "Princess" (who only manages to be slightly less tolerable than Annie herself) and "Champ" (cute kid, wonder why they named him like a dog :S ), this is a good ol' comfort-food type of a movie. Take your favorite munchies, prepare for some good ol' cliches (tolerable because they're added on with a bittersweet story) and just have your regular, relaxed weekend. Saif and Rani look oodles better than Saif and Bipasha (cringe cringe) and the songs are much more in tune than "Khwaab de ke jhootey jhootey" (huh?) ... "Forever" even has a better ring to it!

Saif's niche is truly the real, everyday, smart-alec guy (that Siddharth Anand explored in "Hum Tum" and Farhan Akhtar broke through in "Dil Chahta Hai") who is easier to fall in love with for audience - as compared to high-powered millionaire who's chasing super-models and killing his brother and dodging monster trucks. Let's leave that to Hamlet, shall we?

Anyway. Loved Tara Rum Pum. I'd recommend it. With pizza, Pepsi and all that fatty, carby jazz.


Nameless Nomad said...

Well if you recommend it, it must be good. I might have to take a bucket of sand with me and bury my head in it every time Saif appears on the screen I suppose I could live with it!

I in the meantime managed to watch "U Me aur Hum". I must say minus some of the unnecessary naach-gaana it was decent. Well directed for a novice director like Ajay Devgan and believable performances. The chemistry between the lead pair comes as no surprise, of course. Well there were some obvious "lift-offs" but they were suitably desi-fied (hehe.. that would be new word for today :P)

Majaz said...

I've heard good things about that movie too. Plan to watch it as soon as it gets uploaded. Don't want to waste 60 rupees on it unless I'm sure it's not going to suck. lol.

If you need a bucket of sand for Saif - what exactly was your solace for Shah Rukh?

Nameless Nomad said...

It is easier to wade through a pile of garbage and not get your shoes dirty than avoid SRK. Lets face it. He is everywhere ..I mean everywhere! There's hardly anything he hasn't hijacked yet. Man's last refuge - sports.. And now you are going to see his face plastered all over there as well.

So, when it comes to SRK it is a case of if you cant beat them join them. However, this does not mean he irritates me any less. No ma'am. But after years and years of watching him my mind has developed some sort of a self defence mechanism of its own. It goes strangely numb when SRK is around , and I can't even hear anything. All I see is a giant pair of lips quivering.. As soon as the focus is off him my mind automatically snaps out of it.

Now that I think of it we should be thankful to Shah Rukh. He has possibly served as a catalyst for the next step in human evolution! :P

Majaz said...

lol @ SRK defense.

I truly feel bad for you, y'know. You start hating SRK and end up calling him the next best quivering-lipped baboon in the Darwinian hierarchy?

Tis a tragedy, I tell you. lol.

Nameless Nomad said...

Actually SRK is helping the rest of the human race evolve by forcing them to use mind control techniques (on themselves albeit).

As for his place in the hierarchy.. I think he slightly edges an orangutan the last I checked! :P

btw go spend that 60 rs. this one is surely better than the tripe out there right now!

Majaz said...

Would have accepted your argument - save for that last movie that won him so much hype. Chak De India.

I saw the last sniffy scenes of it and promised myself I would hate SRK even if he managed to create world peace.

60 rupees? It's about the time I will have to go and spend on buying an Indian movie. :(

Will probably see it when it's on a better print though.