Apr 10, 2008

I don't understand Pakistanis.

YES, our leaders are corrupt. Our cricketers, our lawyers, our moguls.

YES, our constitution is a joke. Our amendments, our bills, our LFOs.

YES, we are victims of sectarian violence. Our Punjabis, Sindhis, Baluchis, Bengalis, Muhajirs, Pathans, Siraikis (and I am deeply apologetic if I miss someone out, please don't burn my car).

YES, we've had political turmoil and international chaos since the day we called ourselves Pakistanis. Our Kashmir, our Jihad, our "War on Terror".

YES, we're confused. Our Sunnis and Shias, our ABCDs, our enlightened moderation, our cable channels, our underground discoes and our frontrunning fashion styles.

YES, we are in economic limbo. Our deficits, our NABs, our do-we-nationalize-or-capitalize debates and Karachi being struck by riots regularly.

But I am still confused.

I don't understand why Pakistanis have to go out and do what Agha Javed Pathan did. I don't understand why we cannot be civilized people when someone does something against us. We've become mad beasts with appetites for destruction bigger than Perses himself.

We've been at it for years. Can't we just give a rest? Can't we stop fighting and name-calling and balderdashing each other for ONE MINUTE and think about national interests? I'm talking about every Pakistani - whether in the political arena or not - who has witnessed or been a part of these past 60 years of total and complete havoc.

What is WRONG with us?

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