Sep 11, 2008


After a very long time a movie has been able to leave a smile on my face.

Even long after it was over.

Pixar doesn't fail. It just doesn't intend on disappointing. From the tales of inanimate toys to a monster that wants to become a comedian and a rat that wants to become a chef to now the robot who after 700 years of living alone on a deserted planet craves the human (?) connection, Pixar has proven that it is not going to be beaten on its winning streak any time soon.

Wall-E is one of the best movies of the year. Including the Dark Knight and Hancock and The Incredible Hulk, Wall-E takes my cake. Wall-E makes you laugh and feel and experience through the entire length the journey from space and back. Such is the impact of the movie that I find myself murmuring "Eeeeveeee" and "Waaalleeee" as my mind goes back to his drooping eyes and a loneliness that is desperately adorable.

It is a given how far animation has come. The story is sensitive and intelligent, the tone is light-hearted yet influential as it touches the globally critical dilemma of pollution. The whole movie is just plain darn fantastic and it gives Kung Fu Panda a good run for its money, though both are remarkable in their own right. A must-watch for anyone. Yeah, just anyone, anybody. If you're a human, a robot or on auto-pilot. Just watch the damn thing and go back to being human.


Mampi said...

Wish you could convince my daughter. I so want to go watch it.

Majaz said...

Why, why, why, why oh WHY doesn't she want to go see it?!?!

Anonymous said...

*adds Wall-E to his must-see-movies list*

Unknown said...

Tolja tolja tolja!!!!
but still, nothing is funnier than the fat people!
And the pizza trees!
And the people are so FAT!!!
And they didn't know they had an indoor pool!


uff...i want a wall-e...

Majaz said...

Saadat, you must watch it asap.

Hira, I really liked that bit too. But my favorite was Wall-E's eyes. I can't get over his persistent croak.. "EVE?"

*makes Wall-E face*

Anonymous said...

Pixar's animated movies have always been a class as i absolutely loved their last movie called "The Cars"..I am still waiting for it to be released on DVD alongside with Dark Knight & Kung-fu Panda.

Majaz said...

Yeah.. those were great movies!