Sep 6, 2008

Yes, Mr. President.

December 18, 1987.

1996. Mr. President of 2008.

2004. Release from jail.

2007. Benazir leaves for Pakistan from UAE.

2008. The future of PPP and Pakistan.

And the future unfolds.

Any discerning Pakistani would be asking themselves the same question. What, after this, is to ensue in this unfortunate series of events?

For a full article on Mr. Zardari's rise to power and all that in a situation where Pakistan must not afford anymore mistakes go here.


Unknown said...

I'm conflicted
I'd like him to follow his wife, but Karachi doesn't need another bloodbath.

Majaz said...

Maybe this time he could die peacefully in his sleep.

Chloroform or something?

Mampi said...

You two girls are plotting?? Hehehehe.

Majaz said...

We're trying. But apparently it's useless. This guy can afford to buy an army.

Anonymous said...

His time will come too ...

Anonymous said...

God! The list is sooo long!!
if you are plotting against him, do count me in too ;)

Majaz said...

Asma and Karachiwali,

We're hoping and counting in all your prayers! :D