Sep 1, 2008

"X Files: I want to believe"

Critics at Rotten Tomatoes say that it was dull and boring, though it's worth mentioning that the movie remains true to the 90's series that involved less graphics and relied more on creepiness and of course the 'x' factor. This movie holds strong to the X Files mystique and couldn't have been any more satisfactory to a fan such as myself. The first movie was bigger in many respects but the second movie doesn't altogether prove to be as big a disappointment as RT suggested. Fans would love to see Mulder and Scully together (in the literal sense of the word ... finally!) to discover the 'darkness' and fight the paranormal forces all over again.

I don't care what critics say. I am a die-hard X-files fan. I want to believe and I loved it.


Mampi said...

dekho ji,
at the end of the road,
all that matters is what your heart says.

go x it.

Hufsa said...

I want to watch it too! lol
I think I've said that about every movie you wrote about!
And yet.. watched none!

Majaz said...

Mampi, that is a great motto! ;)

Hufsa, just watch one at least! :P