Sep 21, 2008

There's no place like home?

After watching the pictures of the blast, after reading the political statements by the President, Prime Minister, the Interior Minister, the police officers, the survivors, the public, the youth, the media and the press ... I am left with nothing but fear. These threats are not being faced. I am taken back to January, this year, when there were over 15 blasts in one month all across Pakistan. These people are not waking up to smell what is going on. These politicians, the military, the international community does not understand that Pakistan is under a threat far too grave to be ignored anymore. We don't need, atop this, military raids from the US. We don't need stupid politicians to have petty issues. We don't need the media to show charred flesh everywhere. We don't need the blame game within the masses.

What we need is to take this threat very, very, VERY seriously. We need effective strategies, asap, to get rid of the Al-Qaeda threat, the Islamic militants who are not interested in anything Islamic (such as peace or dialog) whatsoever, to get rid of a horrific rampage that plagues the people everyday: fear and insecurity.

It's strange, though.

Just when you thought Zardari was the worst thing to happen to the country, something like this happens.

I don't think I'm out of the shock of the realization of what has happened to this country.


I don't think I am indeed.


Anonymous said...

Spooky. I just updated my blog and said almost the same thing.

I guess everybody is thinking the same thing. Everybody who cares, at least.

Majaz said...

At least.

Anonymous said...

its really scary..i still cant understand how we have reached this stage

Unknown said...

let me help you, Karachiwali, and everyone, please don't refrain from adding to the rant.

it started when Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam, and then gradually gifted to religious parties. Then Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's attempt to appease various religious jammatain by giving them more government say then they deserved, Zia Ul Haq, the war in Afghanistan, then bhai bhai-pan with the Afghanis jin ke baare main Saadi Sherazi ne kaha tha

"awwal Afghan, do-em kambo, soem badzaat kashmiri"

followed by consistent influx of Afghan refugees, drugs, and weaponry; followed by ISI support of the Taliban, Taliban support of Al Qaeda, and once again, influx of people across the border.

Add to this American foreign policy and you'll realise that ALL
of this is straight out of a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE russian novel except this isn't about a warped sociopathic family, it's about a warped sociopathic country with warped sociopathic people.

Whew. i won't need to add to my blog. I just did it here.

Mampi said...

Majaz, it is so sad to have happened. Why do we wake up to bleeding humanity every morning-whether it is in India or Pakistan?

Hira, I agree one hundred percent with you on the facts you so unmincingly said in your comment. To have separated the two sides of one heart was not enough, they had to mince it into small pieces and prick it constantly.

Anonymous said...

@ hira
true...we didnt realize wat we were doing to ourselves

Majaz said...

Sigh. You guys have all said it ...

... what more can I possibly have to add to this mess of affairs.

There is no positive hope for the dozens of people who tied or the hundreds that were injured. I saw the footage of the dumper that would set fire to the hotel on Dawn News a couple of hours ago.

And I kept wondering to myself what would be the possible mindframe of the person who would be sitting inside that truck, knowing that he's about to blow no less than 400 people out of their existences.

Just how insane do you need to be to do that?

Just how unbelievably crazy do you need to be to watch everything go in flames and not blink an eyelash?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's easy. He was earning his ticket to jannat.

Majaz said...

See now that's just plain insane.

Unknown said...

How do they sleep at night?

The people who incite such acts, who are the actual cause behind a person blowing himself and a hundred other people up; how can they live with themselves when they see how much death and destruction they've caused?

Hasn't anybody told them that Allah loves all his creations equally?

Majaz said...

Guess they missed that particular hadeeth lecture in the seminary.

Erin said...

I hope no one you know was nearby. It is like the creative writing that you commented, except so much more real for you. It makes me appreciate living in such a minor country so much more when terrible things like that happen.

Majaz said...

Sigh. We Pakistanis are rife with all such conflicts. Bomb blasts, wars, sectarianism. You name it, we got it.

You really should appreciate peace. It's a miracle, where we come from.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to disagree strongly with mampi - what you allude to as the separation of two parts of one heart was never so. It was never one heart. It still is not. It can never be.

There might be everything wrong with Pakistan today, but the creation of Pakistan itself was never wrong. I resent the implication whatever quarters it comes from.

I live in the UAE, where we interact with Muslims as well as Non Muslims from across the border on a daily basis given that 40% of this country's population is from India (followed by Pakistanis at 15%), and every single interaction has made me thankful for Pakistan -even the way it is today.

Hufsa said...

What's happened to humanity ? :(

Majaz said...

Knicq, I'll pass your comment to Mampi. Maybe she hasn't seen this, maybe she has chosen not to reply, I dunno.


It jumped up its own ass and died.