Sep 12, 2008


I do love google. It's a modern day miracle. It's the answer to a hurried assignment. It's the given for a ridiculous fact which can't be found anywhere else. It's a treasurechest of information. Really, I love Google with my whole and total heart.

But it can really SUCK at redirecting you sometimes.

This post is exactly about those poor, floundering, misguided souls who land on my unsuspecting blog looking for that bundle of information.

So I must disclaim the following.

For people who land here looking for "The Current Status of Ground Zero", I am very sorry but I am NOT hosting a site in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers. The previous header of the blog "Ground Zero" was just given for fun and for a deeply personal reasons. Maybe you should look into the NYC's government website. 

For people who come here looking for "Aeisha Varsey", I apologize deeply again that this is NOT an Aiesha Varsey homepage. I have asked her to host a site which she says she is working on.Varsey-design-hopefuls, I have yet another bit of bad news for you all. She will not be showcasing her designs online, she says she is against her designs going extremely public and common. All I can do for you is provide the contact information (which people often land up on due to searching for Aeisha Varsey Dubai or Abu Dhabi) which can be found here.

For people who come here looking for "Happy About Zardari Election" (I've lost the referral link but the search term made me laugh), I'd give up searching, if I were you.

For people who come here looking for more on the movie "Crowned and Dangerous", you sad, curious people have made me realize how pathetic some Saturday nights can get. We can watch movies that are incredibly, incredibly lame and then even Google them later on if the initial stupidity of watching it wasn't enough.

And for people who come here looking for this image, from the movie Charlie Wilson's War, I have nothing to say. You probably have an assignment due on it. 

So keep your faith in Google, people. But don't trust every search result. And don't think I wear Aeisha Varsey, am happy about Zardari's election and have my own stash of information coming directly from Mr. Bloomberg. I don't. And I'm pretty sure Google doesn't either.


Saadat said...

Haha! Search keywords always make my day.

(I had once written a similar post on my blog.)

Majaz said...

I've been tolerating these strange referrals for a long time. I finally decided it was time for a ventout!

Mampi said...

Good that you did it.
I am also considering doing a post on it, but first that class test post is due, hehehe.

Majaz said...

Hehe, yeah I'll be waiting for it. :)

Hufsa said...


Asma said...

Who the heck in this world would be happy about zardarii's election and then will search for it.

Craziness in abundance =)

Majaz said...

Maybe (and this is wishful thinking) the person actually wanted to search "Who the heck is happy about zardari election" and forgo the "Who the heck" part.

Just maybe. No harm in dreaming.