Jan 3, 2008

"Charlie Wilson's War."

It is the story of an all-American Congressman, it is the background on the 'war on terror' and it is also one of the most interesting flicks of this season. Charlie Wilson's War marks as a bold and cinematically unique move towards understanding the aftermath of the Cold War. Nine-eleven, Al-Qaeda, WMDs aside, this movie brings to light the seismic changes in global politics and how the United States of America has been maneuvering its titanic influence in the shaping of territories and the future of the people living in them.

The film is moving and powerful and it does not fail to impress, considering the breadth and controversy that it had chosen to depict. A very wise move, on the directors' part, was to hire Aaron Sorkin, the genius behind critically acclaimed shows such as Studio Sixty, The West Wing and Sports Night. Tom Hanks slurs perfectly, Hoffman is his usual best and Julia Roberts may not look or talk like Joanne Herring as much as she should have - but she pulled it off anyway.

Must see for people interested in world politics and everyone who witnessed the Cold War firsthand. For those of you who're only interested in mindless entertainment, it's with great regret that I inform you that Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman have left that building.

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