Jan 4, 2008

"Taare Zameen Par".

Aamir Khan presents the story of a dyslexic child, Ishaan, who is sent to boarding school by his frustrated parents. The two hour flick, "Taare Zameen Par" is probably the only Bollywood flick of the year - or of its history in fact - which manages to understand the whole point of cinema. It impacts the audience, touches the heart, and puts forth one of the most unspoken, uncredited issues of what a child goes through each day. What we call normality is the luxury and the snobbery - and perhaps even ignorance - of those who possess it. The transition of a healthy, happy Ishant to a sullen, scared boy does not take place by a single beating. It takes a great amount of ignorance, disdain and carelessness to turn a human being, filled with life and all its glory - into a creature with life, sure ... but nothing of its beauty and spirit.

An emotional experience to say the least.


Bipin said...


While I love the fact that you enjoyed TZP, I find it unfair that you say that this is the only meaningful movie to come out of India. The fact is that there are several excellent movies made in bollywood. Some like "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara" are excellent but not exactly commercial hits and hence not heard of but wonderful movie nevertheless. Also some of the best movies ever are made by regional directors like Adoor Gopalkrishnan and Bose but again only little is heard of them. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there are some excellent movies made in bollywood (even better than TZP) every year just need to be on the look out for them. Bye and Take Care

Majaz said...

While I am glad that you appreciate my criticism on TZP (which I have to say, again, is one fantastic movie and a credible contribution to cinema everywhere), I find it unfair that you feel that I am using rhetoric only because I am writing on a personal blog which is not subject to any kind of audit.

Cinema is not known by the single, one-or-two movies it makes every once in a while. Cinema is known by overall standard of product that it churns out - and has been churning out throughout its existence. Now I don't say that I feel that Indian cinema hasn't had its moments. From Raj Kapoor to Randhir Kapoor to Shahid Kapoor to the whats-his-name in Sawariya, the money and art Bollywood invests in its finished products is truly mind-boggling. Not without reason has it become the subject of many historians, critics and art experts.

At the same time, you must understand where Bollywood stands in terms of its overall stature. TZP, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Dil Chahta (basically all Aamir Khan flicks have been most of my favorites from Bollywood), Maine Gandhi ko Nahee Mara, Water, Earth and Fire etc have all been great flicks, no doubt. But ask yourself - commercial cinema is what truly defines the Bollywood film industry. The dances, the music, the costumes, the storylines, the quality of acting. All of it reeks the appeal of a class which is not ready for cinema that is reflective of the TZP-philosophy.

I hail from Pakistan, and everyone knows our association with India - and Indian cinema. It is impossible for me to avoid it. :) So the question perhaps is not whether I should be on the look-out - the question is...

Should any cinema-goer be on a lookout for good movies ... or shouldn't there be enough to go around anyway.

Take care. And thanks for your comment. Appreciate it! :)