Jan 25, 2008

"Edward Scissorhands".

A modern myth about the invention with a heart and scissors. Johnny Depp never looked cuter. And that's saying something.

They say that myths always truly reflect society in their own way. And perhaps this is our way of dealing with abnormality. We are fascinated at the same time disgusted. In this paradoxical way, we accept the abnormal, curse it, make it a part of our society that becomes the butt of all our frustrations and anxieties - and also reject it, when we exclude it from what we call customary.

Perhaps it takes an eccentric old genius like Tim Burton to see behind the veil of abnormality to call it beautiful, turn it into a majestic myth, take a handsome man like Johnny Depp and turn him into Edward Scissorhands, the monster of Frankenstein and the product of modern society.

A truly amazing film that speaks volumes more than its run time.

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