Jan 5, 2008

"Becoming Jane".

After numerous attempts at scoring hits with Jane Austen's classic formulae for success such as Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice etc, filmmakers have found their new interest in biopics. After all, making matronly authors who spun yarns in their attics while taking care of their nieces and nephews and worrying about financial turmoil, into gorgeous, dramatic, bold, independent young women that fall in love with wicked, handsome yet highly lovable young men is what cinema is all about.

Enter "Becoming Jane", a film that is more of a drama than a biopic (oddly reminiscent of Kirsten Dunst starrer Marie Antoinette), where art imitates life and we see - or at least believe that we do - the woman behind one of the most popular romances in history.

I just wonder if they'd make a Brokeback Mountain over Oscar Wilde. I'm not sure how it'll turn out. But I'm guessing he'll be played by George Clooney for sure.

Becoming Jane is for all Austenites, James McAvoy-fans, dramatic-romance addicts and a night with nothing to do but cry foolishly.

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