Jan 13, 2008

Gold is gold.

I could never understand women's fascination for jewelry when I was a kid. My mom is a big jewelry buff and can eye out something gaudy to something classy within the sparkle of a diamond. So I've always been bored with her rapturous speeches regarding some great set she saw or some nice new style that's been in lately.


Since the past couple of ... years, now, in fact ... Mom's fascination has rubbed off on me. I have begun to have that expert eye (nothing compared to Mum's though) and have finally begun to comprehend why gold prices continue to rise (socio-political as well as geo-economic reasons aside). Now that I have some trinkets of my own ... now that Mom is making me buy stuff for my own wedding ... it is making me think ... I actually would love a certain diamond cut and a particular fashionable design in a locket set.

And I swear if every woman didn't have this same obsession for it all - I'd consider myself incredibly, incredibly shallow.

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