Jan 28, 2008


Juno is the story of the very average American teenager with an above-average capability of street-smart euphemisms and this-equals-that logic. Juno MacGuff finds herself in a nine-month-long dilemma when she decides to give birth to a needless pregnancy and give the child to a married couple who wants it quite badly.

The film is heartwarming enough - but doesn't really have as much of an edge. Which I guess is maybe what they were going for. Taking the edge off of teenage pregnancies. Good one.

The real star, of course, is Ellen Page, playing the role of smart (in an endearingly non-sassy way) Juno who deals with it the way she deals with it. Nothing more, nothing less. And then comes along a dilemma. An occasional shout-out, but life goes back to normal.

Cute, charming and funny. The film is centered around Page and she carried it off well. So I'd say a good choice for an Oscar nomination. But she'd probably stand down to the other big stars that she's competing with.

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