Mar 29, 2008

Who, me?

I don't know who I am anymore sometimes.

Because here I am, all day long, everyday, happy and contented. Confident.

And then I see ... a four car pileup on a national expressway. Or two filthy children walking alongside two clean ones on the same road. One pair holding their parents' hands and nibbling on chocolate bars. The other fighting over a small piece of rotten fruit. Or I hear about people killing their grandparents just because they couldn't take care of them anymore. Or two people not being friends anymore just because they refuse to talk it out. Or some other form of reality that is now reduced to a cliche or a marketing campaign or a footage for a 2 penny music video or a talk show promo.

Who the hell am I fooling? Where are we going and what are we doing here?

Mankind should've gotten extinct a long time ago.

And if we've somehow managed to escape our ultimate fate ... we're only two nuclear wars away from a total annihilation of this farce as we know it.

Half full? Faith and global politics?

Are you actually telling me there's hope?

I wish I could say the same to the man or woman breathing his last in that crushed Suzuki. But I cannot. I cannot be hopeful for something that is meant to be this way.

Mankind. What ... have you done ...


Esfand` said...

:) 2?? I think we are only one nuke war from our fate, if global warming spares us !

...but .....I think there wont be a nuclear war nemore and we wud all die a slow, painful death as species as mankind the hands of our love for power and control over other fellow men, using tools like economy, trade, religion ...and so..

Majaz said...

The 2 was rhetorical.