Mar 23, 2008

"Horton Hears a Who"

Starring Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell (I could not have more favorite comedians), this animated feature is based on the noted book by Dr. Seuss of the same name. Horton is an eccentric old elephant who has reached out to a world much smaller than himself. He has made contact with the mayor of "Whoville" (Carrell) who has 99 daughters and 1 son. Horton's free-thinking is a threat to his own survival in the jungle as the meddlesome kangaroo aunt is on his case: she doesn't like imagination, no, sirree.

Carrey and Carrell are both delightful of course. The script was funny and clever without being freakishly soppy. I remember the last Dr. Seuss book that got turned into a movie "The Cat in the Hat" which was very much digestible, thanks to Mike Myers ... but the Jim Carrey starrer "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was so pathetic I wanted to puke every time I heard the word "Who".

Not just for kids, a modern day "Animal Farm" and a must-see for Carrey and Carrell fans.

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