Mar 11, 2008

One of life's great mysteries.

Latest feedback from the university.

They will be mimicking me in the awards ceremony. lol. That should be fun.

The head of the department has also informed me that some students absolutely hate me and some absolutely love me.

According to him, that is always a good sign. This means you're doing your job right. I don't quite know what that means but the interesting tidbit is that female students don't like me. They find me too 'intimidating'.

I'm looking forward to seeing the bachas perform. I am a near-Hitler to most kids. Especially to those who think university is more of a dating point than a learning institution.

That's why one boy confessed to the H.O.D. that he hates me so much that if he ever saw my car anywhere on the streets he'd break the windsheild and bang out the headlights.

Lovely being a teacher isn't it.

A colleague, who's currently teaching the kids I've failed in the previous semester has given me another quasi-compliment. She says you've scared the kids about failing. Now they really want to pass my course!

Sometimes I don't know whether to kill all of my students or totally let them go nuts because their really isn't any point anyway.

Education. You confuse me.

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