Mar 26, 2008

Diagnostic Criteria for Aflatoons.

They are defined as people who consider themselves the last word in their own tiny little world of limited intelligence and restricted socialization and exposure. Such individuals are most prone towards a meaningless narcissism that they are the exclusive fans of. It is impossible to break through the outer crusts because they have a moat which can only be allowed to cross if every ridiculous idea that they produce is accepted with unconditional positive regard. Once you move past that moat, you will be subject to heinous tests and assessments of your loyalty to their narcissism. Whether you pass or fail is irrelevant. Because the result is pre-decided. No one gets through; if they did, they'd find a haunted house - which would be very bad for their publicity campaign.

Such individuals are generally considered to be a menace to themselves and to society. They are distinguished from the normal sample only by those who have gotten, by personal or clinical experience, unfortunate glimpses of at least 40-50 haunted houses in the past. Therefore the exact diagnosis of such individuals is tricky. Very tricky.

Self-diagnosis is almost always impossible. Those who may try to diagnose themselves will only compete for a revision of degrees and sub-statuses under the "Aflatoon" category. Other details will be missed or completely ignored.

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I liked the way you wrote it, informative and entertaining.
Good analysis!