Mar 16, 2008


I think I've figured it out.

And I don't think I'm being narcissistic when I say that I have indeed had a breakthrough.

I think we believe in God because we like to think He exists because we don't find logic appealing after a point. After a point, it only becomes stats and maths and numbers, and it may turn some people happy, but it loses its charm. The two-plus-twos, the this-equals-that, the skies and the suns and the whole drama of human existence - is pretty much where rationale ends and faith begins.

We think, that based on certain qualities, people should be trusted, and that's rationality and hell yeah, I'm all for it.

But we'll keep going around in circles if we have to rely on logic and reason every time we have to make a trusting call. A choice. A decision. Mankind isn't that rational all the time anyway.

So we gotta let go of basing truth and lies, hope and faith, trust and doubt in all that is measurable, quantifiable. Once we have calculated our risks and chances - the next step should be to just let the experience be.

We trust people not because of their inherent qualities and what we see - but in what we feel. That is neither idealistic nor optimistic. That is what works and that is how we like to believe in things. That is where we silently decide to throw away the key.

What I say here may seem very old and said-before, but it makes sense today more than ever.

If I am going to use logic to find God, I may find Him. But I probably won't love Him.

So I shall use it to find Him. But I'll use my good ol' heartbeat to call Him when I need Him the most.


Barooq said...

chup oye :P

Majaz said...

I'm being an existentialist.

Mazaaq na urao. :P

Anonymous said...

ditto....god is someone u learn to recognize thru ur own unique experiences, and this god woud be different from the one that religious education depicts ...This one is more real, more animate.....and there r many days when it's hard to love Him, to trust him, but that is wot makes the relationship more real, substantial and deep.