Feb 29, 2008

"There Will Be Blood".

Intense. Watchers beware. Have a strong stomach for bottling down the worst version of greed, eccentricity and the malaise that marks us as human beings. You must not watch this movie thinking of regular ideas and theories of aggression. You must appreciate the magnitude of what goes inside of those who are lusting after the perpetual ambition for more.

His performance is breathtaking and the director's use of silence and uncomfortable pauses is poignant, indeed. Well worth the watch for serious movie-watchers. If you want that extra fun weekend, keep this one away for a time when you can pay attention.

And here's Daniel Day-Lewis himself, on "There Will Be Blood":

"I was deeply unsettled by the script (of There Will Be Blood ). For me, that is a sure sign. If you remain unsettled by a piece of writing, it means you are not watching the story from the outside; you've already taken a step toward it. When I'm drawn to something, I take a resolute step backward, and I ask myself if I can really serve this story as well as it needs to be served. If I don't think I can do that, no matter how appealing, I will decline. What finally takes over, what took over with this movie, is an illusion of inevitability. I think: Can this really be true? Is this happening to me again? Is there no way to avoid this?"

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