Feb 27, 2008

One of the Ultimate Dichotomies.

This is just sad.

My maasi - the woman who has been cooking and cleaning for our home for the past 19 years - has a step son who has just been admitted to Army Medical College and requires 1 hundred thousand rupees (less than 2000 dollars) to accept this admission. He now is 1 lac rupees short in making his future.

These people are farmers, belonging from Neelum Valley, whose harvest only works in June - so they cannot even sell the small amount of land that they possess.

His monthly fees is around 5k which my maasi says she will contribute to - but her husband demands that she go and ask for money from her relatives etc. to gather 1 hundred thousand rupees in order to put her stepson through college.

And an Ayesha Varsey bridal dress costs 2 hundred thousand rupees.

I don't even know who to blame any more.

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