Feb 26, 2008

"Crowned and Dangerous".

A movie you'll probably never watch in a million years - but might end up watching to fill in a couple of free hours in which you want to distract yourself from the tons of assignments and papers you have to check.

One imdb user has very, very aptly put it as ...

"It was so bad I couldn't stop watching it."

That's exactly what this movie is in one line. Was it supposed to be a comedy, a dramedy, a thriller, who knows. A spoof of what goes on inside beauty competitions? Or about how life turns around for people out there to go for the gold? No one can tell - perhaps not even the producers themselves. Which, if you think about it, may be the real problem itself.

Don't watch it, keep your freedom hours free. However, if you're just into mindless entertainment anyway, I'm guessing this won't have an impact on your time table at all. And I'm going to be completely guilt-free and say that it didn't. Because every so often, stuff that is incomprehensibly stupid and bad-for-us, is often what we end up doing. So consider this weekend junk food. After all. I'm going to watch Taxi to the Dark Side next.

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