Feb 14, 2008

Important Matters.

Okay, first things first.

Valentine's Day is a bunch of crap. And I say this for many reasons - socio-economic idiocies and psychological basis of such behavior being among them. So puh-lease, all the people who are 'celebrating' this day by squabbling over who got a redder outfit than the other, get a life and start thinking about people who are living on less than two dollars a day and people who are still happy without the schmuckiness of Valentine's Day plaguing their brains. It's all okay for fun and games and jokes, but if you plan on taking all this hell more seriously than your relationships, you've got another thing coming.

Glad I got that out of my system.

Secondly. People who have been visiting this blog from all over the world.

Honestly, I don't know why y'all are here and what you read here, because most of what I write is only to satisfy my need to babble, and think that yeah, people read the babble, and if they find it crazy or stupid, they will have no idea who I really am - so it's a win-win situation.

Thanks to the marvel that is called information technology, I am now aware that my silly little blog has had over 500 visits in the past two months and from all - literally ALL - over the globe!! Greece, Spain, France, Singapore, Bahrain (someone was searching for Institute of Professional Psychology from the Batelco server - the coincidence of it all!), India and the US. It's mindboggling. Someone even looked for a story I wrote called "Dare" in Young Times that was published 6 years ago. As a writer, sometimes when you write things, you wonder if they have had any impact on readers - especially since, in my opinion, I write in a very comment-non-friendly way. And that story was a loooo-ooo-oong time ago. Nevertheless. I'm glad someone still remembers that foolish old story and came here looking for it.

So for all those strangers who come and read this ... I have to say I wonder at you being here. In an age of self-preservation and dog-eat-dog selfishness, you surely show a glimmer of human connection.

Doesn't make me spin on my heels to become the irrepressible optimist - but shocks me. Nonetheless.

And for that one reader.

I am still waiting for your comment.

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