Feb 15, 2008

"Jab We Met".

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT watch it on 14th Feb on Geo, if that is what you may think, because I can never be that lame, sorry.

On a critical note, I thought it was a lovely chick flick and am really glad that even though Bollywood HAD to show the heroine dancing in the rain in at least ONE scene, it was a good watch, and the dialogs were not "Main tumharay beghair marr jaoongi" and the fact that she loved the hero didn't occur to her until she heard the train leave were interesting aspects. I liked this change in the romantic-movies' genre and this is quite possibly the best I could like Kareena Kapoor in. It also helps that Shahid "Kapur" is a cutie.

So overall, a nice, cute, watchable flick. Because I did not lose interest.

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