Nov 9, 2008

Tagged III.

I have been tagged by Hira. A million things have been rushing through my head lately and I choose to write a tag post is slightly pathetic. Obama won, people are leaving half-dead infants on the roads and Zardari took 200 people to Saudi Arabia with him on that tour of his. And I choose to talk about my quirks.

Some wonderful Pakistani I am..

Anyway. As if this post isn't enough about me already here goes:

So six completely unspectacular factoids? That's easy.

  1. I'm an insomniac. A relentless one. I sleep less than 6 hours a day and can remain extremely fresh and bright and energetic. It's only the less-than-three-hour-a-day day that can dampen my spirits and make me go to sleep (Z can attest to that). Wait, did that just turn into spectacular?
  2. I like to read all my text messages before I go to sleep. My N95 has a lifeblog. It tracks everything you did since you activated the phone. And I sometimes begin from the beginning. All the random pictures I've taken (that's another spectacular-nothing, I take pictures of everything, anything and then some), all the I'll be there in a few moments messages and videos. Everything.
  3. I don't like the sea much. Khiites are obsessed with it but I'm not. It's just ... the sea. What's the big deal?
  4. I hate the Iphone. I think it's charm dies down after the first few days. After you get over the phone without buttons, you realize you have been conditioned to push buttons (no dual meaning intended) ever since you were a kid. So buttons are good. Buttons are home. (Bet you don't think I'm spectacular anymore, eh? I'm talking about how good buttons are!)
  5. I don't like carrying purses. Girls think it's some testament to fashion. I don't. I consider purses to be a lag and only carry them outta sheer necessity. If I'm wearing something ultra gorgeous and am at a formal gathering, I might carry it. But I'm a very pockety kinda person. Give me pockets, spare the purses.
  6. I have the flu 6 months in the year. Yes, yes. Wrinkle thy nose.

Okay, I'm all out now.

I tag Ordered-Chaos, Roop, Erin, Natasha, M and M. And Barooq.

Phew. All the love to you, Hira. But this one took a zing outta me. Dunno why. Must be the flu.


Hufsa said...

ahh, so this is what the tag was about!

and LOL abt the purses!! ME TOO!! I dislike them very much!! The only reason I carry them at rare times is so that my camera has a place to rest. I'm all for pockets too :)

Anonymous said...

i hate carrying purses too! i think uni is the only place where i carry my purse

Anonymous said...

hehe that was a fun read.

1. im lovin the header. i just finished two back to back episodes of house!! luv him! :) everybody loves raymond is the only sitcom t hat made its way to my cellfone! it rocks. :)

2. Iphone's awesome!! :D i still love it. been many months and im still in love. it depends on how many applications u add to it and how you maximize its use. husband has 4 screens of different applications downloaded on it and he keeps toying with em. now i've got some real cool stuff on it. it's awesome fun to play with it.

3. and yeaah, wut's with the purses deal ... i was looking at the highheelconfidential website the other day and women there are drooling over purses ... i dun get it. :/ why waste so much money on a purse ? :/ but i do carry a purse or a bag cuz i usually collect so much clutter ... i need a place to put it.

can't promise that i'd be doing this tag soon but i am oh so grateful! i have 5 others to do still ... but absolutely no will. :( thanks for remembering me! :)

Majaz said...

I agree with the unnecessary evil that is the handbag. I honestly feel we should all carry pockets or backpacks. Purses require way too much effort.

House and Raymond are both rare television shows. And I'm probably one of the FEW people in the world who hate the iPhone :P

Waiting for YOUR tag-response, then, Roop. How could I possibly forget you. You're a part of my virtual safari!

Mampi said...

It was one hilarious read.
Agree with you on the Iphone. I vouch for your insomnia, but always wonder how you can remain so fresh. I also sleep less than 6 hours but you sure take the cake for the beauty part.
I also am a crazy one about lifeblog. But I do not religiously go thru it at night.
Purses, bags - I simply love, though sometimes I wish all my shirts had pockets.

Majaz said...

See, Mampi, that's why everyone loves you.