Nov 21, 2008

"Bijli, Pyar aur Ammi Jan."

The play staged by the Lyceum School students at the Alliance Francaise rocked.

That's my one-line analysis.

The sets and the lighting had their faults, the audience was limited and polite and civilized (they were even clapping at the not-so-great fifteen minute IVS English play staged before it) so we can't measure their performances on that huge macro-level, but the star actors were quite good. Being the current director of my own university play, I understand how hard it is to find good voices who come with the complete package of looks, confidence and stage-presence. So Lyceum was definitely equipped with that blessed lot when it came to its lead actors.

The play synopsis is such,

"Saalik has married Marya without telling his parents and now is running away with her. He is trying to collect all the valuables from the house and leave but the electricity and his parents are a hindrance to his progress. Dr. Zubairi, Saalik's father, realizes something fishy is going on in the house with valuables disappearing and therefore asks his friend DSP Theek Jumani to investigate and solve the mystery."

Dr. Zubairi (played by Hammad Zubairi) was truly the star. He acted brilliantly and it did help his role that he was quite good looking and had an Amir-Khanish touch to his personality. He does the role quite effortlessly, it seems, since he has a natural grace and a solid stage presence to boot. His wife, Mrs. Zubairi (played by Rabia Sadruddin) is also loud and clear in her dialogue delivery. Witnessing them bicker weren't the finest moments of the play but they certainly did that bit well.

Another major contributor to the 'masala' of the play is Zar Gul the cook from Waziristan. Played by Rashid Afridi, this character bags most of the laughs of the play and seems quite the comedian offstage as well. His love interest, the maasi Sakina, is played by Nida Habib Khan, who is pretty enough to pass off as a good actress (Katrina Kaif's echo?). The DSP, the son, Saalik all do very well but Zubairi steals the show with his candid and energetic portrayal of the frustrated psychiatrist who wants to figure out exactly who has been stealing his pants (with his important keys) and documents.

If you've seen it, you'll know just how good it was. If you missed it, you should regret it. What is to be regretted even more that the theatre culture ... i.e., what IS the theatre culture ... still lacks the support from society and the publicity it deserves.


Sarosh Agha Khan said...

Sounds hilarious and worth watchin:D

Majaz said...

It was!!!!!!

You should come to our play too!

Saadat said...

Is there a video of that play somewhere online that we can watch?

And make sure to shoot a video of the play you are directing!

Majaz said...

Saadat, I'm sure I can try to get my hands on the cd. My friend teaches at the Lyceum so I can also ask her if the students have put it online or something.

Our play will definitely be online and recorded. It's on the 6th of December inshaAllah.

Hira S. said...

It WAS hilarious wasn't it? When they played at the PACC the crowd was a bit larger and still everyone laughed their heads off. Salik and Maria were the weaker parts of the play i thought, but Dr. Zubairi truly kept the whole thing going.
And true, he was cute ;)

Majaz said...

Saalik and Maria definitely were weak. The braces didn't help either.

But the IVS play was so bad it made everything in BPuA look great!

Come to see ours too okay?

megat said...

your blog very beautiful and more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!

OvAcE said...

I regret missing it- but i heard it went amazing. Obvious with actors like hammad,nabeel,salik and jumani.