Nov 15, 2008

Frantic but coherent update.

Before people start running away from this blog with the fears of being tagged, I've decided to talk about things real and present.

Was it this that made me sit in front of the audience as a judge of the bilingual public speaking contest? In the same place where I had, years ago, opened house for the English debates? Was this the place where I ran with my fading-white uniform and my fading-dupatta on my head, eating chaats and french fries laughing over nothing? Life has come back a full circle. Here, I sit, slightly morose (flu, flu, flu), partly serious, partly smiling (some of the speakers did manage to sound funny) and all mature and judge-like. Deciding who won or lost the competition, which in my time meant all the world's happiness to me?

By a show of hands, if I ask my readers to respond to the question, "How many people face politics at work and often wish some of their colleagues had more sense than a boulder?", I'm guessing I'll be facing a full house. People are weird when they think they're Gods. Some of my work-associates certainly do think they've managed to outwit the Divine Creator in their images and have somehow managed to delude themselves that others are deluded thusly as well. It's time to shatter that dream. No one has done it before me yet and I'm granted to walk on unchartered territory here but I was never the one to walk the road more taken anyway. Additional good news is that I've got people who love me and support me at home and, surprising as that may seem, at university too. So hope springs eternal.

Can't it go away? Like ... now?

Wedding Venue:
Decided! Finally! After much ado! Aaaa, the pains you have to go through to make sure everything goes right. Eeek.

Katrina Kaif:
Aah, to be young. And to be beautiful.

Glory, glory hallelujah.


Anonymous said...

I guess I have been lucky enough not to work in an office full of politics. Or maybe it's just my tiny department. *shrugs* All the best for your ambitious plans!

I hate flu, by the way. It's the only disease I find ugly.

But I love wedding preparations. They are so chaotic that it's fun.

Majaz said...

Saadat, you have absolutely NO IDEA just how lucky you are. Work without politics is like being wealthy without greed.

As for the flu, well. Let's just say I've begun to sound everything from a bull frog to Atif Aslam in the past few days.

Anonymous said...


Mentioning a bullfrog with Atif Aslam is kinda redundant. ;)

Majaz said...

Redundant but true!

Unknown said...

he he at Atif and bull frog joke.

Where art thou getting hitched?

And why am i the only one who thinks Katrina Kaif is just ok?

And you were judging at DHA??? Oh my God...that must have been so surreal. How was the standard? any better? Please tell me you didn't give the prize to the melodramatic weepy kid who screams at the sky and bangs his fist on the rostrum. Please please please tell me the logical, cool, headed speaker won.

Majaz said...

Unfortunately the weepy guy won. But we (Mrs. Munira Nadeem and I) did manage to award the rest of the two prizes to someone who was much more sensible and rational.

And Katrina Kaif is just OKAY?!?! Have you not SEEN Teri Ore in Singh is King?????????

Unknown said...

Why did you let him win??
Qasam se someone has to end this trend of giving the prize to the person who cries the loudest. It's unfair and defeats the purpose of a debate.

I dunno...i really don't find her that beautiful. But maybe it's cause i like flawed but interesting faces,

Majaz said...

The other two judges did it. :(

Flawed but interesting? Which ones?

Anonymous said...

have u started to sound like yourself? u could be a star waise just like atif aslam ;)
and yay for finally deciding upon the wedding venue :)

Majaz said...

lol, you're keeping in touch with my facebook statuses :P

Anonymous said...

lol...i saw one of the comments there about you sounding like atif aslam and i didnt want to comment there. so are u finally sounding like yourself? rozi per laat mat maar dena atif ki ;)

Majaz said...

His rozi is safe. I'm unflued again. Maybe I should sing only six months a year..

... why didn't you comment?