Oct 19, 2008


Can you believe it?

I just called Ather-Shehzad Studio.

Shahzad Raza charges THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND RUPEES for bridal makeup.

And if youwant him to come to Karachi, he will charge you extra ...

PLUS ...

YOU have to give him a Business Class ticket and five star stay.

Shahzad's assistant charges one hundred thousand. You can give him an economy class ticket and stay.


Mom still thinks I'm joking. Even though I made the call in front of her.

Does this mean we no longer live in the good ol' days where looking beautiful came naturally?

But now it has to come with a private jet and a bank balance?


Unknown said...

Allah ki bandi, YOU don't NEED to spend 300000 to look beautiful!! that's for people like my old math teacher. find a good reasonable karachi parlour, and just look happy. Ather Shehzad are for extremely rich, extremely ugly, and extremely insecure people. You're none of the above, so why even call them??

Majaz said...

I called them hoping that I'd look like the way I wanted to look on the two most important days of my life.

I mean, three hundred thousand? That's like banning you to even dream about a semi-gorgeous makeup and do.

Sigh. I'm going to rely on my inner soul to make me look splendid.

Unknown said...

sigh. i'll prolly not even bother to get make-up done on my wedding. Don't want to raise the guy's hopes just to shatter them the minute i emerge from the bathroom.

he'd be pretty brave to marry me, but that would just be pushing my luck.

Barooq said...

moti, no matter who does your makeup, you wont look better than you usually do :P

( which is gorgeous anyway)

Anonymous said...

OMG, 300,000.. and to think people will PAY that. OMG, the price of looking beautiful.

Like everyone pointed out above already, the price the guy puts on is to hide the women's insecurity; Depilex would do just as good a job.

Mampi said...

Oh come on Majaz,

Well, you know now what I think about your looks. This makeup and paying this ridiculous amount is sheer foolishness. Even thinking about it is.
BTW my play didnt get any prize, can you believe it, any prize?
we did get other prizes, in the humor category and creative writing, but but but,,,

Anonymous said...

thats way toooo much....go for sabz or laiqa hasan.

M. said...

try allenora...i think. It's in karachi. i dont know how much the woman charges....but i doubt it's as much as that. and she did a REALLY good job on my cousin.

Majaz said...

Hira, don't be insecure ab! Chiragh talay andhera!

Barooq, honey, I know you love me and everything, but I don't think you quite understand how critical the issues of the right mascara, the right shade of nail polish and the PERFECT lipstick matter to a girl on her wedding day. So for that you're going to have to see why I am already going ballistic about these things.

I got ready from this Depilex lady on my engagement. She did a good job. I'm thinking of going to Brides by Rubina. At Zamzama. I love her work. Ather Shahzad I can only afford if I decide to do nothing on my wedding but the makeup.

But! But! But it's my wedding!

KW. I don't know about Laiqa Hasan but Sabs turns everything BLUE. And she'll kick me out the moment she sees me. A while ago my friend and I were horrified at how she had dressed and made up one of our VERY beautiful friends and made it heard. She did NOT like our feedback. ;) How's Laiqa?

I like Alle Nora, though she's a little too glittery for my taste. She has got more of a valimaish tinge. I have a very very traditional outfit in mind and my jewelry is also very classic. So want to go for something very traditional. Have you any traditional artists in mind? Who could do what AS do but without running you out of house and home?

Anonymous said...

ummmm one of my very close friends got her make up done at sabs. she looked stunning, i can send in a few pics of her to you if you want. ive heard, the make up is only good if its done by saba herself.
as for laiqa, my cousin, who's anyway very pretty, got her make up done there. thankfully, it wasnt some horrific model make up with real dark eye make up and light lipstick. she, in fact, did a very good job with traditional bridal make up.
waise depilex is really good too.

Anonymous said...

*blinks at the post*

*blinks again at the comments*

Thank God I'm a guy.

M. said...

yeah, allenora did her valima make up....

explore the smaller saloons? see if you see potential anywhere. it takes time but with a lot of instructions it works.

Anonymous said...

@ saadat
lol....but u would be doing the tougher part, payments ;)

Majaz said...

Ok, So far I've shortlisted Depilex and Allenora. My friend's makeup was done by Sabs the lady herself. She isn't going to forget me in a hurry!
And thus if I go to her, chamber are she'll try to make me look as much as The Joker on his best hair day.

Saadat, you just watch. The all-girl hysteria has just begin. You just watch and see what's going to happen when your time comes.

Girls, next post will be about HOW outrageous HSY is.

Majaz said...

chances are*
Just begun*

Uni said...

Man... mujhay yaqeen hee nahin araha !!

300,000 !!!!!!

I mean SURE its the wedding day and everything... laikin who DOES that?

(maybe its an advertising gimmick) ....*hopefully*

*still staring with round eyes at this post*

Majaz said...

sigh. It takes time to sink in.

Anonymous said...

dont tell me you wanted a dress from HSY! he's nuts. my cousin went to him for her wedding dress. i still remember the 'terminology' that she used after the meeting ;)

Majaz said...

Outrageous but gorgeous. It,s the stuff dreams are made from.

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks :/

300, thousand for a three-hour make up ... and here we say we are a poor country :/

Goodness goodness!

*uff .. I'm saddened at this*

Anonymous said...

I've seen alle' nora at lahore's work .. that's bril. Depilex in here, islamabad, sucks big time.

Its a tough decision ...all the best :)

Anonymous said...

wait... 3...00...000? are you sre there isn't an extra zero there? *hic*

but you know what M, much as I loved this dude's work on models, I thought otherwise after seeing what he did to one of my friends... really pretty girl, but pretty-bride... not. n when you go to SR, you don't just wanna look pretty. you want to be absolutely, stunningly fabulous, no?

to offer my two cents worth....
Shaheen Saeed. I think she works well with reds and maroons, provided you are getting a jora in those traditional colours. oh n not to say that she'd turn your face red, orange etc:P you know what i mean. i saw just one bride done by her who was so-so, for whatever reason. all the others have been very good. if you want, I could ask some friends their permission to mail you their pics.

Or Shamain. ALL the brides by her I've seen were reallly well-done. Very soft look.

Just some suggestions. Good luck!

Majaz said...

SEE, Barooq! It matters to all women!

Asma and S, i heard it all right. Three freaking HUNDRED thousand. Asked her to repeat it. Twice.

I like Sharmaine's. Have shortlisted her too. Would like the pix. Lemme know if you can send them. I've only seen a few Sharmaine brides. Mostly Sabz. Hated Saba herself. She was very bitchy to me and my friend. :)

Atif "R34P3R" Siddiqui said...

LOLZ and High five @ Saadat... ;)

Mahv I think you very well know what to do... and you will do it good... InshaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

ahhahaha :D yea I received that shock quite sometime bak on my bro's wedding the charge around 70,000 per day or photographs n wht not! I remember saying whaaaaaaa?? on the phone with shahzad on the other end! rofl ! n are u freakin crazy? BANG ! lol

Majaz said...

Thank you, Sana! At least people will believe me now!

Hufsa said...

Now that is just crazyyyy!! Bizarre!!
Forget that! :P
Plus, MashAllah, you've got a lot of natural beauty already :)

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that there are ppl in pakistan who can actually afford all this stuff while more than half the population does not have even have enough food to eat.
Save ur money and spend it on ur honeymoon, there are lots more great options in khi now. Good luck

Anonymous said...

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