Oct 4, 2008

The day I made THE cheesecake.


Consider this my fist in the air.

I am capable of being more than just cheesy, I also capable of making this:

THE cheesecake which turned out even better than I had dreams of expecting.

Life is great when that happens.

Happiness is in these great, happy, tiny realizations that indeed there existeth a world where existeth a perfecth cheesecake.

And now I'm only delirious.

But happy nonetheless. Apart from the cheesecake, I am also capable of making many other things but this day is important since I also made Singaporean Rice, Afghani Kebabs, Chicken Ministeaks and Green Chillies Qeema.

Lo and behold.

Chicken Ministeaks with Garlic Fried Rice.

Singaporean Rice - sideview. For additional information *smirk* on the layers.

Hari Mirch Qeema (with the hari mirch in the middle, hmpf) and Afghani Kebabs (in the bowl).

Pineapple Delight - a novel way of decorating it (a la Mom.)


jywheeler said...

I'm impressed. I can't cook, I burn Jello.....so nice to see others who can.

Majaz said...

Thanks, Joann.. but how could you possibly burn jello? :D

M. said...

wow, this looks good

Indian Home Maker said...

Looks good :)

Anonymous said...

the cheesecake looks so yummy!

Majaz said...

Thank you, Indian Homemaker and KW! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh dear that's some impressive cooking ... share the recipes too :D

Majaz said...

I definitely will, Asma!

Hufsa said...

you know I'm a fan of your cooking!