Oct 26, 2008

Frantic update I.

  • Work is killing me.
  • Sarah Palin is stupid.
  • Humanistic Counseling rocks. My future career is suddenly all-the-more clearer.
  • Writing plays is not easy. I have newfound respect for Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams and Anwar Maqsood.
  • I'm reading "Half Blood Prince" for the umpteenth time.
  • I had a 'near-death' experience. Our car almost collided into a bridge on a very busy, a very fast lane last night. I have newfound respect for life. Which didn't last very long - but anyway.
  • Facebooking through Iphone is boring.
  • You can't blog through your Iphone or your N95 either. Unless you want to go mad with frustration or blind after straining your eyes to read one word.
  • My wedding gharara is going to be blood red. *dreamy grin*
  • Madrassah started again. This time new teachers. I keep telling them I'm going to question everything about Islam and faith, so they should be prepared. Fariya Baji says she has also told them about M and I. So yay.
  • Our UPS has gone to hell so we're literally living in the "Dark Ages" now that KESC has decided to push tolerance levels even further.
  • I'm talking about electricity ... so that means I'm outta stuff right now. Or that I just want to begin venting (and who the hell wants to hear that, right?) ... so.

Until then, folks. Until I get a new video graphics card. See you on Facebook or email.


asfand said...

congratulations on the marriage :)

Majaz said...

And on being alive. Thank you. :)

Hufsa said...

Blood Red?! LOVELY!!

And the LOL at the rest of the stuff!
Except for the near-death experience..glad ur ok!

Anonymous said...

thank god you are alright!
And wen's the big day? im hoping that ud be posting pics of ur wedding dress here :)

Mampi said...

Hmm, was actually wondering where did u go, dint know it was due to the blackout.
But We are grateful to God Almighty that He let you life after that collision on the bridge to wear that red wedding dress.

Majaz said...

Pc got sick, I was super busy with work and family engagements and amidst all of that didn't muster up the time or courage to blog. But I'm back now, Mampi. Thanks for missing me. *hugs*

Majaz said...

KW, drop me your email addy or add me on FB. Toodles.