Oct 15, 2008

Frankly, m'dear ...

I'm tired.

I'm tired of the same old swagger of the whiz kids and the biz kids at the university. Tired of the petty shameful politics, the insecure staff and the immensely self-conscious brats that walk through the halls decking it with their shallow intentions (I showed them August Rush and one kid said he liked 'the larki/girl' the best). I am tired of trying to write a script that can change the trend of the university to do shitty plays and begin it on a more classical, less third-grade path by trying to write a play with enough oomph to hook in the hoi polloi and enough jazz to let me look at myself in the mirror with a clear conscience.

I am tired of this. This is not what I wanted from teaching.

Having said that, I refuse to quit or give up (wish I'd learnt to though, it's such a blessing sometimes) on something I've promised myself I will end properly. So ploughing through is a teacher who is quite OUT of ideas right now. So any helpful hints on how to tolerate 160 18-year-olds will be appreciated.

And by tolerate I mean to hold out for the next 9 weeks without bombing their brains (or mine) out, managing a million (or plus) rupee function, checking mid and final term papers and saying good bye to university once and for all.

Oh and by the way. Readers of this blog, join The Black Mirror Network on Facebook. Confirmations on the author will be appreciated. And if you're too stingy to take time out to help a pathetic, miserable old teacher feel better, then fie on you.



Anonymous said...

i went through a lot wen i tried to revamp the course outlines during the summer break. my 'subject group mates' hated me for it cuz they had been relying on their 'tried and tested' lecture plans and didnt want to change. Khair, Alhamdulillah, my HOD was very helpful and i got things done in my way.
As for handling 18-year-olds, i think you are teaching the first or the second semester. thats tuff! i find it really difficult to tolerate the kids and thats why I prefer to teach the later semesters but I was forced to teach the first semester students this time....and i just hate it!

Anonymous said...

I have never taught in a classroom (though I would certainly like to), so I have absolutely no idea what to say. I did use to proctor the 1st graders when I was in middle school -- though I am not too sure if drawing silly cartoons on the white/black-board and telling animal stories will work for your 18-year-olds.

Oh, and I'll join The Black Mirror Network as soon as Facebook behaves. :/

Mampi said...

A million rupee function? Yours is a rich university, girl.
WE get a pittance for theatre, writing, dance and music items.
I m totally broke as far as my theatre is concerned. Guess I should tell these people to follow your example.
Good luck with your teaching and the never-say-die-spirit.

Majaz said...

Mampi, I have to answer your question the first ...

A six million rupee function actually.

And NONE of it is paid by the university.

Students go out and get sponsors in the name of my university and organize events. That's how we do things. We turn these kids into business men from the very beginning lol. And don't ask your college to follow our example at any cost. :) We have no money for theatre, writing, etc, anything. The Student Council's money is more precious than Pakistan's reserves.

I'm guessing, no. But if they're slightly explicit drawings I'm sure my students will be VERY interested. *rolls eyes*

People really do underestimate teaching 18 year olds. Lots of people come into the job thinking life's a bucket of roses and all the kids are like innocent untouched young adults waiting to be inspired. It's quite the opposite. If you don't treat them the way they need to be treated, they'll eat you alive and throw the remains into the dead sea. And I've taught kids in their masters as well. They aren't any worse but they've got their own issues too. They think they know enough to come up with the weirdest arguments and consider them one hundred percent logical.

So. Sigh.

I guess I'll go back to the writing board then!

Anonymous said...

I have taught at the masters level too and you are right, that has its own issues. The biggest problem that I faced was due to my age, I was only 23 and most of my students were much older and they took a while to adjust with me. The second time round, it was a lil easier but yea they always thought they know each and everything.
Btw, I have joined the black mirror network already

Majaz said...

Oh you're a sweetheart! Thank you for making a crabby old dame feel good!

Unknown said...

heavens woman, you're not crabby. crabby is Lucy from charles schultz peanuts.
You're...you're Linus maybe...

what was the name of the beethoven kid?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can try entertaining them with xckd.

*raises hand for joining The Black Mirror network*

Majaz said...

I FEEL crabby.

XKCD looks intelligent. You should steer clear of that attribute when it comes to entertainment. We're a nation that enjoys songs like "Ay Hip Hopper Mujhe Pyar Toh Kar".

Go in armed.

Unknown said...

LOL! love that song, really

(holds roman gladiators wali shield over her head)

Hufsa said...

So THIS is how teachers feel? LOL

Don't worry... one day you will look back at this and it will seem like a positive thing. .. InshaAllah :)