Jul 29, 2008

A Very Pakistani Tag.

Do you love rain:
Hmm. I'd have to concede a yes.

Is it raining:

What is the most profound aftermath of it that you see around you:
A car won't stop honking. But to quote the classic Carpenters ... We've only just begun!

Did the electricity get shot as soon as the rain began (stupid question, I know, but humor me. I'm going somewhere with this):

How long did the power shortage go on for (see?):
24/48 hours.

Your coping mechanism for all the destruction around you:
Laugh it off. Message everyone insane updates. Cook yummy stuff. Sing.

What you've learnt from monsoon-in-Karachi?
You can't stop it. Might as well enjoy it. Karachi won't be Karachi if it's not made to be loved without the disasters.

All ye who read are tagged.

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Mampi said...

good one,
i enjoyed it..