Jul 22, 2008

"Cheeni Kum"

This truly is a sugar-free romance.

The acting is excellent, considering all the experience Indian actors have is in melodrama. To see them portraying serious, realistic, more-human-less-godly characters is a refreshing and lively change.

The story is nothing extraordinary but the dialogs are well-written and well-executed. Most serious movie-watchers have already, I'm sure, given their critical review on this flick. So I guess this post is, rather than a review, a regret that I only say it a year too late.

If you haven't seen it, you should. Avoid the regret. It isn't worth it.


Anonymous said...

Aaah yes, i've seen this one, around a year or more back indeed! Totally agree about the well-written and well-delivered dialogues. 'Crisp'is the word that comes to mind for it.

Majaz said...

Refreshing was what came to mine. Finally a romance that makes people think life rather than drama.