Jul 27, 2008


Once again, Saira provides me a radical dose of laughter on Facebook.

This is a decidedly original comment of hers on a picture that I put up there.

Saira Amin (Pakistan) wrote
at 5:36pm

u look like one of those ghosts they have in the movies jo hero ko khowab main aati hai aur jis ki life ki story per hero research ker raha hota hai..and in the end he falls in love with her hehe i know this sounds funny but bewitching si picture hai.

and dont kill me :P its supposed to be a compliment :P


Anonymous said...

I never knew that being called a ghost could be a compliment, no matter how glamorous the ghost might be.

But, well, a comment like that on any of my pictures would have made my day as well.

Majaz said...

You'd like to be called a ghost, Saadat?

Anonymous said...

It kinda depends. I mean, I have yet to watch or read a story in which a female researcher falls in love with a male ghost, so, I guess, no.

Majaz said...

That's what I thought!

Anonymous said...

i would focus on the 'looking pretty' part nad not the ghost wala, wase i dont mind the ghost wala comment too...there can be a haunting quality to someone's beauty too....na?

Majaz said...

lol the only part I salvaged from the comment was .. 'bewitching si picture' hai. :D