Jul 18, 2008

Sticks and Stones.

This is the 26th day of my fall. I have a new olecranon process of the ulna. Bright, shiny, new - and painful. That's the price of a new bone. You gotta feel the pain.

This little post is to thank all the people who cared and called and messaged and came over and sent me those huggies and kissies and worried about how I'd survive the pain of a broken bone.

Turns out I'd broken my olecranon-process-of-the-ulna in three different places. See the elbow there? It's outta shape, innit? Rugged in its shape. That's because it split into three.

Man. I thought I was a wuss when it came to surviving physiological distress. I'm kinda proud of myself. I even giggled a little (I do that sometimes when I'm in an emotional extreme) much to my mother's frightened disdain. No wonder Dr. Jokhio looked at me with those dagger eyes when I lightly asked him on that first day of the fall, "So do I really need a cast?"

It's freakin broken in three. I'd be mad at me too.

So it's another three weeks of liquefication of the bone and calcification (the brand new x-rays show a decidedly different shade of white where the old elbow was) and whatnot, which means painful exercises and probably a dash of physiotherapy.

Is it weird that I'm strangely blithe?

This means the worst is over. Right?


Esfand` said...

Oh! :( Im soooo sorry to hear about this? must be hurting a lot? :(

Get well soon ... eat more calcium :P and yea, keep smilling like this! it helps bones grow back soon.

Majaz said...

Haha, you don't need to be sorry. I'm perfectly alright.

Smiling helps bones grow back? That oughtta be a breakthrough in medical science.

Zar said...

congrats! U're out of the cast! hehe

Happy remaining recovery!

Majaz said...

Jazakillah, Z. :)

Hira S. said...

what? when? how? i go to the states for 20 days and you break your arm in three pieces? when did this happen???? how are you feeling? what'd you fall from?

Majaz said...

do you want the glamorous version or the unglamorous version of the story?
The former: i was bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower.
The latter: i fell in the bathroom trying to wash my feet.
Of COURSE I had to do that. You left me in a country where real problems like 86/litre petrol and 70 rupees for rice is paid by the middle class, yet politicians fight about an independent judiciary.
Of COURSE i had to carve out a novel way of making life more miserable for me than it is.

Hira S. said...

eiffel tower, no. what you should say was you bungee jumped off jinnah bridge to protest the rising oil prices and the ineptitude of our politicians in making our lives simpler. that would make you a national hero, thus laddoos and flowers galore.and maybe if you wrote to jon stewart he'd make enough fun of our country and your situation to make you an international hero.

by the way if you just tell him how you fell, it'd be funny enough for an snl episode to be devoted entirely to you.
sorry. i suck at sympathy

Majaz said...

Typical Pakistan you be, Hira!

Do meethe boll nahee bol sakte. Magar baqi ki bakk bakk khoob kar sakte hain!!:P

Majaz said...