May 17, 2008

Students' Quotable Quotes III

  • Nuclear Family: the nucleus of the family upon which other family members takes place.
  • Deviance: a person don't have normal behavior. They are violets and highper and crazy person. They do anything for his own purpose.
  • In personal power leader convince them to 'due' their work instead of giving punishments.
  • Slavery is a achieved status, those people who are doing hard work and there is greater social mobility and slavery.
  • Power a leader can use: legal (court), police, army and marshal law. (Correct answer was person and positional).
  • Laissez faire was an economist.
  • Laissez faire is the 'faire' decision of any particular need.
  • Laissez faire is the change of economy from capitalism and socialism.
  • Self-actualization is a job description.
  • Self-actualization is when you feel that you are the best and you don't listen to anyone.
  • Self-actualization is a kind of unemployment.
  • Vested interest is a 'keen interest that a person is having'.
  • Vested interest is 'to visit someone'.
  • Vested interest is 'a thing which I can say that a interest which is vested or which is not used in a proper way'. The case study regarding vested interest told the student that 'we should not vest our money and time in our interest'.
  • Unilinear evolutionary theory is when evolution strikes from one side and multilinear evolutionary theory is when evolution strikes from many sides.
  • Multilinear evolutionary theory is a change which is accepted by everyone and cannot be changed. It is also a scientific law that is accepted by everyone.
  • Economy is the graph data that how government is progressing.
  • Economy is the 'rate of people whom things are supplied'.
  • Division of labor is 'that if you take care of your labor they do work properly'.
  • Executive means people who have 'a power and they use that power in different ways, for example, fauderal lords'.
  • Executive is a 'sense of state'.
  • Divorce is a 'mental' separation of marriage.
  • Bureaucracy is a standard of living who enjoy high education and avail all life chances.
  • Bureaucracy is used ot higherity of authority.
  • Bureaucracy: capitalist who are interlinked with democracy and plays a role in the government.
  • Social change is increasing because every people are 'captured by other societies'.
  • Social Change: the type of change that comes due to changing in their mood. It is something that happened a few years back.


Hufsa said...

Laissez faire is a "faire" ...
Okay, even I know what this is! :P lol
What Class is/was this for?

Majaz said...

lol.. i'm sure you know what an 'economy' is too, hufsa. :P

these kids are doing their graduate courses... :( .. they're almost 18-20 yrs and still lacking basic grammar skills. sigh.

a colleague of mine told me (she teaches basic english) that a boy actually gave the answers in urdu.. in a basic english paper!!!