May 16, 2008

Students' Quotable Quotes II

  • Slavery is defined as the organization in which people open their business by their own money and selling things to earn money.
  • Slavery is the group of peoples who perform bad deeds.
  • Household is something that is used in houses. For example, household products.
  • Household was: person living together without any relationship, for example, in a room there must be more than two people.
  • Household is also 'a person living alone in the house. For example, my uncle lives alone'.
  • State was a 'friendly and family villages where everyone talks with each other. It comes from the Latin word stutes re pulish' (for the reader's benefit: status republicae was thus mutilated).
  • State is any land that has a government. For example, Rajistan.
  • State 'shows us what we are, what we are doing. For example, State Bank of Pakistan'.
  • State is a 'cultural integral part of society which differentiates people from class norms and values'.
  • An example of a state is 'rural areas' and obviously the young man was oblivious of the state of affairs of the country since he described the judiciary where "people are very good to one another".
  • Social closure means that society becomes close.
  • Social closure is a system in which one society is related to another society and they are close to one another.
  • Social closure is when people come close to the society. For example, Benazir Bhutto was very close to Pakistan.
  • Seasonal Unemployment: it is the weather of the market.
  • Seasonal unemployment was found to be "a state which does not have much employment, for example, rural areas".
  • Seasonal Unemployment is the 'overload of work where many people come at the same time, some get work, some don't. This usually happens in the summer.'
  • Legislative consists of people who protect the country from 'attacks'.
  • Legislative gives a 'report of Pakistan' and the same student feels that 'seasonal unemployment is when you work for a year and then go away'. All this was discovered in one paper.
  • Legislative, writes another student, is 'the commodity of the law'. Example of judiciary is that "Justice Iftikhar has the power to take the seat of Musharraf".
  • Relative poverty is in which people are absorbed by the family members. For example, person cannot eat much in a joint family because he is noticed by the family.
  • In the answer to the question "Pakistan is a melting pot of global faultlines, explain" the student writes, "Yes, I prefer this statement. Pakistan is a very dangerous line."
  • Self-actualization is a person who believes in himself, and thinks that he has done nothing wrong. For example, leaders are always self-actualized because they believe in their power.
  • Self-actualization was also 'the identity of self, for example, Hitler thought I am king'.
  • Self-actualization "shows your confidence in your culture. For example, if a girl goes where there is not any girl but because of her self-actualization, she faces everyone there."
  • Bourgeoisie is used for 'hi-figh' people and often many students used Bourgeoisie and bureaucracy interchangeably.
  • The bourgeoisie were also blamed for suppressing the 'subjective' class.
  • The changes in Pakistan, writes another one, are not 'interesting because we do not follow Islam'.
  • Nuclear Family was 'the power of any country and it is highly found in China and has been used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki because of which the abnormality of nuclear is such dangerous for that country'.
  • In a free market 'opercunity' is given to everyone and they feel powerful and 'balanced'.
  • Previously when we wanted to talk to people we 'went there but now we can call him and meet him with a big 'time of distance' thanks to technology'.
  • Judiciary is a 'government based functioning party which is lead by the Chief Justice with several number of lawyers working under him'.
  • Caste is a brand name given to you which shows from where you belong.
  • Collective behavior is voluntary and gold collective behavior.
  • Social inequality: difference between socioeconomic activities which is deviant for the society.
  • Executive is a 'department there will not allow people to go. For example, executive department of the university'.
  • Social stratification is the 'technology to change our pattern of life'. We live in a 'global world' and Pakistan continuously 'deincrease in world rankings'.
  • These were the concluding remarks of a student in a long-answer that made no sense: 'As I am from the 21st century, I can think more than enough". He or she felt that 'life in the next 20 years will be easy and complex'.


Hufsa said...

This is just TOO funny to even seem real!!
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Majaz said...

As real as they come...

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