May 15, 2008

Student's Quotable Quotes, I.

The fact that teachers have a very limited range of entertainment from their jobs when it comes to drilling concepts into the students' heads, God has strange ways of providing for the manna of the soul.

Lo and behold. I am past my grievances that I couldn't teach them anything at all. This just is too goddamn funny.

Presenting: The Students' Hall of Fame, May 2008.

  • "A state is a community of less or more numerous of people where government takes an active part in decisions." A state was also "a capital for anythign for example you see the country that had a capital is known as the state." "A state is a place where we find population, problems and solution to their problems."
  • Judiciary is how we 'make law of different 'asspects' of society". One student writes that judiciary is the 'custody of the law'.
  • What was the social change in French Revolution?
    Women take much interest to take jobs.
  • What is status situation?
    "According to the man Weber, your market situation tells you about your class, and your status situation tells you about your group because in classes we have got groups due to their status."
  • A student also spelled soveriegnty as "selvigingry".
  • "A post modern society people will not work because all the work will be done by technology". A student also wrote that it is "those scoiety in it is the scoiety where we are living where all peoples are rich and try to popular themselves in society." A thinker said, "PM society has no sense of right or wrong, no technology exists in post modern society. It is people simply living in societies." And "a society which is governed by a government that does not exist".
  • Technology, according to him or her, was somethign that 'takes place in a newborn country'.
  • Social Change is "an aferation in society has exist in human being where early in mankind history."
  • Power elite is 'seeking of power', capitalists thrive on 'prophit' and technology "comes through the country or anywhere" and life would be very 'hart' without it. Judiciary is a 'political party' and democratic socialism is 'investing money in the government'. One student felt that democratic socialism was 'when people socialize in a democracy'.
  • The five rules of modern society were:
    Different living style
    Special Food
    Good image in society.
  • An example of power was "German Hitler" and resistance was "something adoped in our society or some munufacuring follow they absultly destroyard neighbors are hanged on factory discourage in our plan".
  • When asked to define extended family with an example, it was reported to be "in the simple word, a person have children, and her children got married, and they had children. It is also when a person has more than one or two children. In Pakistan it is very common. It is the most important example."
  • Another explanation was "Families day by day to increase and extended. It's good for our country but also bad because families are extended and peoples are jobless."
  • Joint family was found to be "too many people living together".
  • Technology is anything 'which do work easily with wasting human power'. It is also defined as "to built up countries is called technology". An example of social inequality is when 'a person first learnt this lesson from his family, like through age factor. He was treat very important but as he grows up the state change." Democracy was detailed: 'democracy cannot happen because political parties do dhandli".
  • My friend, A, adds her own experience of paper checking, "Collective behavior is the action done in order to prevent society from havoc" and "when norms are copied by teh group members this causes a state of collective illness." She also swears she read this in a paper that "Mob is a person with many heads and no brains."

Her apt reply was ... "The person who wrote this had a head but no brains".


Hufsa said...

I can not believe these were UNIVERSITY Student Responses!

Esfand` said...

What was this?? :/
Scary ... I cant even laugh .... this was like a bad episode of a dark anime about scifi future of ours.


Majaz said...

Hufsa... yes. University student, 18-20 yr old kids' writing in their FINAL exams.

This is what I have to go through at the end of every semester. 300 copies of it.

Majaz said...


Unknown said...

HAHAHA!!! Priceless!!

Majaz said...

They aim to please.