May 22, 2008

On Literature.

"Literature must be taken and broken to bits, pulled apart, squashed then, and only then, its rare flavor will be appreciated at its true worth and the broken and crushed parts will again come together in your mind and disclose the beauty of a unity to which you have contributed something of your own blood. "
- taken from an interview with Nabokov.


S. said...

dear fellow exploding dog fan,

thank you for the visit :) have bookmarked your blog and will be visiting more often :)

(scrolled down quickly since i spotted a post on Cook and havent seen the final yet and dont wanna ruin the surprise)

i hope he wins/won :(

Majaz said...

Hey, Sidrah, thanks for the bookmark. I must say I hope to not disappoint. Because the current blogging bookmark trend is based on tall-tales-of-glory. My blog is really deprived of all such stories and claims to nobility. ;)

Hope you aren't disappointed when it comes to Cook, too. ;) :D