Dec 28, 2008

Prologue: Happiness and Romance.

"Romance takes place in the middle distance. Romance is looking in at yourself, through the window clouded with dew. Romance means leaving things out: where life grunts and snuffles, romance only sighs. Does she want more than that - more of him? Does she want the whole picture?
"The danger would come from looking too closely and from seeing too much - from having her dwindle and herself along with him. And waking up empty, all of it used up - over and done. She would have nothing. She would be bereft.
"An old fashioned word."


"Happiness is a garden walled with glass: there's no way in or out. In Paradise there are no stories because there are no journeys. It's loss and regret and misery and yearning that drive the story forward along its twisted road."


Anonymous said...

khatoon yeh to koee baree mushkil baatein hain! :P

Majaz said...

Abhi tum chotay ho na. Jab baray ho jaoge toh aap samajh ajaeyngee!